We help small and medium-sized businesses train their teams both online and in person. We offer training related to business and soft-skills; Information Technology (IT); and personal development

Essential Training for your Business

We help bridge the gap between employee to skilled workforce. If you are training your employees to perform only their basic job functions, then we can almost guarantee you are not growing, your customers are frustrated, or you're losing money. You can't blame your employees, if you don't train them better. Most people figure out the basics of their job through hands-on training, but lack some fundamental soft-skills. These soft-skills like customer service, time management, project management, business writing, and leadership can transform a good worker into an exceptional worker. 

Imagine what this well-trained employee looks like, and what they can do for the long-term success of your business. Let Course LLC help you bridge the crucial soft-skills gap in your organization. Learn more about us. 

Free Online Learning Lab Courses

Need access to the online learning lab for your entire team? Do you want to license the courses for your organization without our branding? Contact us to discuss your needs. 

About Course LLC

Nayana Sen, MBA PMP CSM

President and Founder Course LLC


Course LLC offers an entire catalog of soft-skills onsite and we offer many online courses in our learning lab. courses.  Our courses have been developed by industry professionals with years of experience. 

If you need custom courses for your organization, we can seamlessly integrate our content into your company culture. We have confidence in our courses and training programs. We are confident you will find what you are looking for. 

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