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What are soft skills? Why do you need to improve your soft skills?

Hard skills demonstrate your experience and ability to do your job. Soft skills help you build your reputation, solve problems, and foster relationships to help you grow your career or business. You need to complement your technical or hard skills with these highly sought after soft skills in order to be successful in the modern workforce. 


Soft skills like communicating with clients effectively, managing deadlines, understanding budgeting, improving workplace diversity, and resolving conflicts are almost mandatory skills for anyone looking to get ahead in their career. It should be no surprise that those with these skills are promoted faster and earn more than those that simply do their job. Employers of all sizes know it, and large employers invest thousands of dollars to train their employees because they know the life of their business depends on it.   

These soft skills can be learned, and with continued practice can drastically enhance your leadership abilities. Course LLC is your number one partner in helping you improve your soft skills though convenient online courses, virtual instructor-led, or traditional corporate training methods. Contact us at to discuss how we can help you or your team improve these skills. 

About Course LLC


Nayana Sen, MBA PMP CSM founded Course LLC in 2018. She has managed millions of dollars in programs/projects for large government agencies, as well as in the private sector. She holds a B.S. in Communications from Rowan University; MBA from Nova Southeastern University; and the global PMP certification (among others). She have taught management/leadership courses at the State College level. Nayana has also been an Internal Review Specialist for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) during the last economic crisis. She has planned and managed events for U.S. Presidential cabinet level and other appointees. In her most recent role, she managed the public affairs department for a major federal government agency based in North Florida (43 counties).

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If you need more than training for your business, then contact us to discuss your needs. We can help with project management, process improvements, executive coaching, strategy, and operational support. 

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We offer soft skills training both online and onsite. Our goal is to provide quality and specialized training for those looking to improve their soft skills. We can customize our training to suit your needs. 

**Currently not offering courses onsite. 

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We are 100% minority and woman-owned business. We believe that people should lead with compassion and conviction. Our job is to help educate our clients, so that they may in turn have a greater impact in their portion of the world. We believe in family and in charity. We are currently donating 2% of all our sales to local/regional food banks. We treat our trainers and consultants with the same level of care that we provide to our clients. We remain grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

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