We help small and medium-sized businesses train their teams both online and in person. We offer training related to business and soft-skills; Information Technology (IT); and personal development

If you want to get ahead, then improve your soft-skills. 

If you've hit a plateau in your career, then one of the best ways to move forward is to learn a new skill. In addition to learning a skill, you must also improve your soft-skills. These are the behind-the-scenes kind of skills that not only increase your potential for growth, but without these core skills you probably will lose out opportunities to someone who took the time to learn. Think about it and be honest. How are your communication skills? Are you a good leader? Do you manage your time well? How effective is your business writing? Are you losing out on sales because you lack interpersonal skills? 


Becoming highly proficient at anything takes time and lots of practice. That will be up to you, but we can get you trained using our online micro-learning video modules. Fit the training into your life and apply what you have learned. We offer an entire learning lab filled with courses designed to help you build transferable and highly-desired skills including Business Writing, Communication Strategies, Diversity and Inclusion, Organizational Skills, Team Building for Managers, and Time Management to name a few. 

Let Course LLC help you bridge the crucial soft-skills gap. 

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We offer bulk discounts on all courses. Contact us for pricing info@coursellc.com. 

About Course LLC

Nayana Sen, MBA PMP CSM

President and Founder Course LLC


Nayana Sen, MBA PMP CSM founded Course LLC in 2018 after she was asked to provide PMP Exam Prep courses at a State College in Florida for their adult education department. Nayana has served as an adjunct professor of business and management. Over the course of her career, she has managed multi-million dollar programs and projects. In her most recent role, Nayana has managed the public affairs division for a federal government agency in North Florida. Her territory has included the 43 counties in Northern Florida. Her duties have included coordinating national and local events; planning significant appearances/tours for U.S. Presidential Cabinet level appointees; and managing all the internal/external communications for the office. She noticed a need for continued soft-skills training and development among the various industries.

Course LLC offers an entire catalog of soft-skills onsite and we offer many online courses in our learning lab. courses.  Our courses have been developed by industry professionals with years of experience. 

If you need custom courses for your organization, we can seamlessly integrate our content into your company culture. We have confidence in our courses and training programs. We are confident you will find what you are looking for. 

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