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5-Key Habits of Organized People

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

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Organized people start their morning routines the night before. They plan out as much as possible before they go to sleep to ensure a smooth morning. There is hope for those of us that end up running late or searching for items in the morning. Here are 5-key habits of organized people that anyone can adopt to make their lives easier. If you can’t adopt them all at once, start with one habit and integrate the other ones every couple of weeks. Remember that habits don't change overnight. It takes at least 21-days to adopt a new habit into your normal routine.

1. Tidy Up the Night Before

Spend a little time every evening tidying up and cleaning away the dirt, clutter, and debris from the day. This nightly routine will save you time in the morning. It will also help you manage your stress in the morning. A peaceful mind starts with a peaceful environment.

Set a timer for 15-20 minutes and complete as many chores as possible. Involve family members whenever it’s feasible.

2. Prepare Lunches in Advance

Food preparation in the morning takes time and can cause significant delays in getting ready for school or work. Spend time preparing lunches, especially when preparing for multiple people the night before.

Plan ahead so that you know exactly what everyone is having each day of the week. This will make sure you buy or make everything you need so there aren't any last minute issues.

3. Get Clothes Ready the Night Before

How much time have you wasted trying to figure out what to wear in the morning? Don’t worry; this happens to even the best of people. Try deciding what to wear the night before instead. Make sure the entire outfit is on a hanger and that underwear, shoes and accessories are with it. This method works especially well when planning outfits for children as well.

If you have mastered the one outfit a night challenge, then try to organize your outfits for the whole week. Try to organize the entire week's wardrobe on a Sunday by hanging up your clothes in the order in which you intend to wear the items.

4. Write a To-Do List

Write down all the chores and calls you need to do the following day. If they involve dropping off items at the dry cleaner, then bag them and put them by the front door. If you need to post letters or packages then bag them and put them by the door. Your list will make sure you know exactly what you need to do and by having any items ready you won't leave the house without them!

Writing a list is probably the easiest habit to adopt, but only if you plan on carrying out the tasks written down. Otherwise, a list will add to your stress and cause more problems.

5. Pack it

Spend time putting everything you'll need for day in your handbag or work bag the night before. Any work documents, books, or gadgets should be placed into bags so that they aren't forgotten or misplaced.

Starting your day feeling positive and organized often has a major impact on the way the rest of your day. A chaotic start to your day can be hard to recover from and can cause issues throughout the day. Implement some easy solutions such as the ones mentioned above to ensure you are as organized as possible in the morning.


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