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Training Onsite or Virtual

We have hundreds of training courses that we can customize and deliver onsite at your place of business. We can combine training programs based on your needs.  Check out a sample of the courses we offer onsite. 

Laptop Writing

Business Writing that Works - 2-Day Workshop

In business situations, most of us will have to write, whether this involves emails, proposals, memos, or letters. And in business writing, the language needs to be concrete, the point of view clear, and the points well expressed. With practice and coaching from this course, you can feel more confident about your own writing.

This two-day workshop will give you the tools to become a better writer, with lessons that include: the value of well written communication; how to write and proofread your work; making your writing clear and concise; how to apply these writing skills in real world situations; paragraph structure, tone, and syntax specifics; formatting memos, letters, and emails for different professional settings.

Young Businesswomen

Human Resource Training for the Non-HR Manager 2-Day Workshop

Human Resources Training: Training HR for the Non HR Manager covers the following topics:

  • The basics of HR Management, including orientation, compensation, and benefits

  • Understanding job analysis

  • Planning training

  • Legally defensible terminations, and more.

Female Presenter

Communication Strategies - 2-Day Workshop

Communication Strategies will provide participants with an understanding of the impact that their communication skills can have on others, while exploring the different ways in which developing these skills can make it easier for them to succeed in the office and beyond.

This two-day training course includes: identification of common communication problems; developing skills to ask questions; learning what their non-verbal messages are saying; developing skills in listening actively and empathetically to others; enhancing the ability to handle difficult situations; and dealing with situations assertively.


Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School - 2-Day Workshop

An asset for learners, Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure is tailored to those seeking the confidence to speak up in meetings, make presentations on behalf of their organization, or effectively organize thoughts and ideas to convey them convincingly, persuasively, and confidently.

Topics covered in this workshop include: how to use quick and easy preparation methods; preparing for questions, even before you know what those questions will be; overcoming nervousness, particularly if the group is not sympathetic to what you have to say; using presentation techniques that establish credibility and help to persuade.

Colleagues Working Together

Diversity Training - 1-Day Workshop 

Diversity training is extremely important in today’s multi-culturally rich workplaces.

Workplace Diversity Training enables trainers to enhance communication and understanding, as well as educating employees and supervisors to support the wealth of talent, ideas, and skills within our workplaces. In this one-day training course trainers can help participants learn how to bring together various needs, backgrounds, and strengths in a respectful way.

Participants will learn: what diversity and its related terms mean; how to be aware of their own behaviors and how they can improve them; how to identify stereotypes; the Four Cornerstones of Diversity; the STOP technique; and how to take action when discrimination takes place.

Adult Education Course

What are your training goals related to soft skills like communication, leadership, or teamwork? We offer full-day or multi-day trainings.


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  1. Virtual or team communication issues

  2. Business writing improvement

  3. Leadership training

  4. Managing remotely

  5. Ethical problems

  6. Public speaking and presentations

  7. Team building

We can help you with any or all of the training. View our catalog to see a full list of our courses. Everything is customizable based on your needs.

Investment: Virtual - $375 per hour, fully customizable course with expert instructors.

In person - $425 - 550 Per/Person for live onsite training (Minimums apply)

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